Why Rescue from NEBR?

Dogs come into rescue organizations or shelter situations for a variety of reasons. For a Brittany this could include:
  • Being too active for the current owner's lifestyle
  • Change in family dynamics such as divorce, illness/death, new additions to the family (human and animal)
  • Loss of living situation that allows pet ownership
  • Refusal to hunt
  • Being found as a stray
We are not claiming that all of our dogs will come perfectly housebroken, well trained, or fully socialized. Dogs who have been neglected, abandoned, or relinquished need training and gentle discipline to become a great addition to a family - just like a brand new puppy.

NEBR has a network of carefully chosen & experienced foster families where our Brittanys live before being placed in an adoptive home. During that time we will evaluate their personalities (how well they deal with other dogs, children, etc) and their training (housebroken, socialized, behavior) if necessary.